Demand for Home Improvement Services Continues to Build in 2020

The market for home remodeling and repair services is hotter than ever. In fact, the global market for the home improvement industry hit over $U.S. 800 billion in 2018, and North America alone made up half of that demand!

A variety of demographic trends are fueling the demand for home improvement. For one thing, boomers are increasingly choosing to age in place. A whopping 87% of adults ages 65 and older want to stay in their current homes. This demographic is expected to reach 55 million this year.

The rise of seniors aging in place and the proportional increase of the number of seniors will grow the demand for home modifications. House Doctors is a trusted advisor for the communities they operate in, and franchisees provide services to help seniors with home improvement initiatives such as grab bar installations. These installations and other projects improve in-home mobility and help seniors age with dignity.

Millennials are also focusing more on home improvement, contributing to the demand for services that House Doctors provides. Plus, the popularity of home sites such as Houzz, as well as Pinterest boards full of inspiration, is fueling this enthusiasm. Young professionals may enjoy the idea of home improvement projects, but they can lack the time and the expertise to execute them – this is where House Doctors comes in!

Our franchisees are trained to leverage this kind of demand to their advantage. With a strong industry forecast for 2020, House Doctors franchisees can work this demand to their advantage and grow their bottom lines.

Build the foundation for a strong business. Learn more about the House Doctors franchise opportunity.

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