House Doctors Leverages Long History of Professionalism in Home Improvement

The home improvement industry has always been a steady revenue generator, but House Doctors noticed that professionalism and a consistent approach toward solutions were lacking. The national home improvement franchise launched more than 20 years ago with a goal of injecting much-needed professionalism in the industry that its franchise system can leverage.

Since its start in the 90s, House Doctors has evolved its branding to speak to the decision-makers in residential home improvement. The franchise has also enrolled leaders and professionals with management experience so that franchisees can lead teams to get the job done. Instead of lifting the hammer themselves, franchisees ensure their service branch employs the right handyman for the right job.

Over the decades, House Doctors has also worked on processes that increase the return on investment for franchisees. Online scheduling and management software programs, continuous support and training ensure that franchisees can efficiently leverage market demand. The climbing numbers of Boomers aging in place fuels growth — more than half say they’ll age in place and not move or downsize.

What’s more, millennial professionals are also increasingly relying on the “do it for me” philosophy, instead of spending precious weekend time on home improvement projects. The popularity of HGTV and sites like Houzz also fuel interest in home improvement and remodeling. These patterns mean increased calls for services like the kind House Doctors provides.

House Doctors started out with a goal to bring professionalism to a vital segment of the industry. Not only does it continue to do so, but House Doctors has also updated its processes so franchisees can use a stable formula to work the demand to their advantage.

Learn more about House Doctors’ history and the House Doctors franchise opportunity.

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