House Doctors Cements Firm Community Foundation With National Giveaway

House Doctors is more than a professional handyman and home improvement business. It’s a trusted service that fosters strong customer relationships and exceptional franchisee support to create a top-notch experience all around. In fact, many House Doctors franchisees are deeply invested in customer outreach and are an integral part of the communities they serve.

To emphasize this synergy, House Doctors recently hosted a Grab Bar Giveaway promotion, where local communities could nominate anyone who they feel could benefit from a set of grab bars installed in their home. The giveaway promised free sets of grab bars and installations so those in need could safely shower and bathe in the comfort of their own home. Franchisees across the country chose to support the cause, including Doug Coyle of Andover, Massachusetts. Doug, who has been a franchisee for more than 10 years, operates his House Doctors business in Andover and the Merrimack Valley region.

When Doug learned about 88 year-old Doris Grasso in Methuen and her struggles with mobility in the bath, he knew it was time to help. As part of the Grab Bar Giveaway campaign, Doug’s House Doctors business bought and installed a set of grab bars for Doris at no cost. “It’s just a really feel-good and fun thing to do,” Doug says. He is happy that Doris will continue to live in her home, which was built by a family member, and will not need to move out simply because of mobility constraints.

Seniors like Doris are increasingly choosing to age in place. Equally relevant to House Doctors franchisees, there will be 70 million people 65 and older in the United States by 2030. These factors working together mean more opportunities for the types of handyman and home repair services that House Doctors franchisees provide.

House Doctors franchisees establish deep roots in their communities and quickly earn the trust of their customers through prompt, thorough and professional services. The Grab Bar Giveaway is but one example of the community-oriented culture that House Doctors fosters with its customers as well as within its own system.

Learn more about House Doctors and the House Doctors franchising opportunity.

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