Increasing Demand for Home Improvement Services Means Good News for House Doctors Franchisees

The two biggest demographic segments in the United States present substantial opportunities in the thriving home renovation industry.

More than half of baby boomers, generally aged 54-73 in 2019, are increasingly choosing to age in place. As boomers grow older — the number of people aged 65 and older in the United States is expected to reach 70 million by 2030 — skyrocketing the demand for home modifications. On the other end of the spectrum, as millennials, generally defined as ages 23-38, make inroads into home purchases, they are also leaning on outsourcing home improvement rather than taking it on themselves.

While these demographic trends alone point to a thriving market for franchises like House Doctors, there are additional shifts that work in franchisees’ favors. Busy professionals are moving away from the “do it yourself” model and willing to bring in an expert who can tackle a long list of home remodeling challenges – the average homeowner has 22 items on their home to-do list. And, growing energy consumption concerns, especially in light of calls for sustainable living, are also having homeowners retrofit their residences to become more green, if not adopt more stringent green standards.

House Doctors franchisees provide an extensive array of services that can tackle a variety of client needs. Under each owner’s leadership, House Doctors technicians take on routine handyman tasks, home and exterior improvements, aging-in place services and commercial remodeling.

Demographic and societal trends are accelerating demand for House Doctors services. Franchisees work with a team of technicians to get the projects checked off and don’t need to do any heavy lifting of their own. With demand for services in place and a proven franchising formula to follow, House Doctors franchisees are poised to leverage these industry shifts to their advantage.

The home improvement sector in the United States is expected to grow at a healthy clip of 5.5% in 2019 alone and is forecast to register sales of $464.5 billion in 2022. Given the growth potential, the market is ripe for franchises like House Doctors to gain ground and carve their own niche in this booming sector.

Learn more about industry demand for House Doctors and the House Doctors franchising opportunity.

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