The franchise opportunity for YOU!


Why House Doctors?

1.  Strong growth niche in recession proof


2.  Clear timeline to get you up and running


3.  Proven lead generation programs that

      you can take advantage of immediately

4.  A step by step scalable business model

5.  Successful franchisee profiles to

     compare yourself to

6.  A great culture you will want to be part of

7.  Advice and information sharing during

     the decision making process

A franchise opportunity with distinct advantages:

Preferred Installer Programs

​Part of our strategy going forward is to build relationships with manufacturers & companies who are looking for installation services.

Many of our franchisees are listed as preferred installers to many companies, giving them endless possibilities with their handyman franchise.


Once in a lifetime a franchise opportunity comes along like this.  The mushrooming home improvement and home repairs market is very fragmented mostly serviced by unreliable "chuck 'n a truck" companies.  The market "space" of "repair and maintenance" and "light remodeling" that House Doctors home improvement and handyman franchise operates in is about to explode because of changing market conditions.  The perfect positive storm is coming along and our franchise opportunity has the professional business model to help you ride the wave to success.

Every property owner has a need.  If you are unsure ask your friends and family if they have home maintenance needs that a professional handyman franchise can help them with?  You'll find House Doctors is a great franchise opportunity in a booming market.

Commercial Services

​​The House Doctors franchise opportunity is not restricted to only residential improvements and repairs.  Our Commercial Marketing and National Service Provider Program has proven to be successful for many of our handyman franchise owners.


National Partner Programs

We have a number of leading national partners on board that allow our handyman franchise owners to offer a growing number of House Doctors "signature" Brand name products to their customers.  We are truly a franchise opportunity that offers solutions for additional revenue streams and opportunities.