Why the best home services franchise you’re looking for is a professional handyman and home improvement franchise.

Home Services Franchise

Common Home Services

  • Gutters

  • Siding

  • Bathroom Remodel

  • Grab Bar Installation

Home services franchises are one of the fastest growth markets in the US today and indicators of remodeling trends predict that remodeling and home repairs will continue to be strong for years to come. So why not start a home services franchise in home improvements and remodeling. With aging homes and aging boomers, energy and indoor air quality concerns, increasing storm damage, introduction of new products, services and new technology and you get a recipe for strong growth well into the future.  With our whole house approach the House Doctors handyman franchise offers multiple franchise opportunities in one home services franchise.


Aging in Place & Home Services Franchises

10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day in the US and that is one of the major changes in demographics fueling our home services franchise growth. Aging baby boomers are modifying their homes which enables them to live in them longer. And its not just an aging population, our houses are getting older too. The average home in the US is 40 years old. It is a fact the market space that House Doctors home services franchisees operate in will continue to be fueled for years to come with our aging population and our aging housing stock.


Busy Families & the growth of Home Services Franchises

The popularity of home services as a business option has increased over the last few years as many families today are working harder and staying busier than ever before.  The combination of work, school, children in sports, and other extra-curricular activities leaves little time for parents and homeowners to keep up with their to-do lists and home maintenance.  That’s why busy families all over the U.S. trust House Doctors for all of their home improvement and repair needs and why House Doctors has become a leader in the Home Services Franchise category.


To-Do Lists are feeding the home services franchise growth

The average homeowner has a to-do list of approximately 22 items that they need to fix, repair, build and improve, in their home. With growing to-do lists and less time and skills to complete these projects, homeowners turn to home services franchise companies like House Doctors to complete their jobs in a timely and professional manner. House Doctors has been helping homeowners  for over 20 years, servicing over 1 million homes.